Making Panel Discussions
Lively & Informative

Two-Thirds of Your Audience Don’t Like Panel Discussions…

…yet 95% of conferences and conventions have some sort of panel on the program!


  • Were downright boring?
  • Wandered off-topic?
  • Asked cruddy questions?
  • Rambled on, talked too much?
  • Had nothing valuable to share?
  • Wasted time with long intros?
  • Shamelessly promoted stuff?
  • Failed to meet the objectives?


Check out Kristin’s new book

The Powerful Panelist

Drawn from her extensive experience as a nationally recognized speaker, master facilitator and panel moderator, Kristin Arnold provides insights into what it takes to be a brilliant panelist.


Kristin Arnold

  • Certified Professional Master | Master (CPF | M)
  • CPAE Hall of Fame | Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE)®
  • CSP | Certified Speaking Professional

What Clients are saying about Kristin and Powerful Panels.

  • We cannot thank you enough, Kristin, for guiding us all the way, for such a masterful facilitation, and for this quick delivery of the minutes. Two of our Scientific Avisory Board members called it a “smashing success.” Your role in this success was tremendous, and we’re forever thankful for it!
    Marianne F Leenaerts, MHSA, PhD
    Co-Founder and Co-Director, Primary Aldosteronism Foundation
  • Over the last 12 months, I have improved my skills as a panel moderator learning through mostly practice and online content.  Kristin Arnold's video series has been my secret weapon.  Try it.  Free.  And it works.  Your audience will love you more.
    Punit Modhgil
    Chief Research Officer & Co-founder, Octane Research
  • Thank you for making our panel discussion a success. You were very clever to keep things on track with a good continued key process to engage everyone equally with continued, interesting conversation from start to finish.
    Margaret Brausse, CNM
    Alberta/CSNM Provincial Networking Group Representative
  • "Kristin Arnold is our "go-to" resource for inspiring our customers and team to raise the bar to make panels more exciting and informative."
    Dave Lutz
    Managing Director, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting
  • "Thank you so much! I just finished all seven videos and took lots of notes. Your info is so helpful and clear. I feel more confident about this. I'm an online trainer myself, and I know how much work goes into creating useful accessible resources for your audience. You've done exactly that for me. I am so glad I found your website."
    Diana Macalintal
    Codirector, TeamRCIA
  • I took your course, lived by your instructions and took my 3 panelist’s on the journey. Result was solid. The MC noted that the conversation really flowed naturally and it felt like the panelists really understood the citation of content we were getting through. You gave me confidence and direction to turn something I was looking at with considerable fear into something I really enjoyed.
    Stuart Wilkinson
    Head of Industry Relations EMEA at comScore, Inc.
  • "Well done, Kristin.  You nailed it [our speaker/moderator training]!!  Thank you."
    Diane Leach
    Director of Education & Programs, Vermont Captive Insurance Association
  • "Kristin, you did a phenomenal and extremely professional job as moderator. Thank you! Highly recommend."
    Steve Shain
    Chief Operating Officer at LTC Contracting
  • “Kristin Arnold is an expert public speaker and moderator who knows how to make meetings engaging, insightful and valuable.  In this priceless book, she shares her expertise and wisdom to help others lead more effective panels.  If you are running a conference, meeting or panel, you owe it to your audience to probe Kristin's ideas.”
    Wayne Cooper
    Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Group & Publisher of Chief Executive Magazine
  • "Kristin Arnold is truly the best moderator I have had the pleasure to work with. She was instrumental in helping our sales and marketing team properly prepare for and successfully launch an industry accredited webinar which included a panel discussion. Our goal was to make the session educational and engaging while also subtly building brand awareness. Based on comments we received, we did just that! Kristin knows how to ask the right questions in order to stay on track, and how to lead a team to set and achieve their goals and objectives. She is genuine, fun and a pleasure to work with."

    Taya Paige
    Development Manager, The ITA Group
  • "Appreciate your videos and tips - they have been very helpful and calming. I am a nerd who likes to prepare and these have definitely helped me ensure I have thought about each aspect of the process."
    Haleigh Callison
    Cedar Specialist at Olympic Industries
  • Kristin, thank you so much! Been in business 40 years but have never been invited to moderate a panel at a conference - so this was a new experience for me. Like all new things a degree of stress caused by fear of doing a less than stellar job in front of a roomful of potential clients. Took copious notes on every one of the 7 lessons, internalized and applied. The organizer told me that my panel was the most talked-about session among the attendees after the event.
    Ken Ferguson
    Senior Partner, Berkshire Recruiting Services
  • "Kristin is fierce on stage whether moderating panels or presenting."
    Brad Burchnell, ASQ, QCM, OE
  • "I attended your session on Reinventing the Panel Discussion and came up afterward saying your session was "worth the price of admission." Many thanks for an excellent, thought-provoking session!"
    Kate Fessler
    Director of Education, American Staffing Association
  • Thank you very much for your support and guidance on the panel we did in Vegas.  I thought you did a fabulous job moderating!  It truly was appreciated!
    Darcia Kostiuk DVM, Animal Health Research Lead
    Champion Petfoods
  • I was recently asked to moderate a panel discussion and was looking for resources and found your series on "How to Moderate a Panel Discussion". Fantastic program!! Thank you for making it available.
    Brian Card
    Vice President, StaffGarden
  • Martina Fuchs
    I love your book on Powerful Panel discussions! Just bought it.  It's highly useful!  Thank you for writing it!
    Martina Fuchs
    Anchor at CNN Money Switzerland
  • For a deep dive on producing great panels - everything from curating panelists to choosing AV to extending the experience after your event - check out Kristin Arnold's book, Powerful Panels.
    Andrea Driessen
    Author, Even Planning for Kick-Ass Gatherings That Inspire People
  • Thank you ever so much, Kristin. The panel that I chaired went extremely well and I thought that your e-book was terrific in preparing me. Many thanks again for your responsiveness as it really helped me in the final countdown to the event.
    Olwyn Merritt
    Founder, Pure Potential
  • Tessa Sutton
    "Your format and templates really helped me to structure the session with excellence."
    Tessa Sutton
  • "Most of us have sat through panel discussions where the panel was 'ho hum' instead of engaging and thought provoking. Kristin Arnold's method will put an end to those! Planners & panel moderators take note."
    Carolyn Browning, CMP, CMM, HMCC
    MEETing Needs, LLX
  • "You took me from apprehension and a fair bit of anxiety, step by step, into feeling confident and actually looking forward to this event.   All this in about an hour.   Thank you!"
    Geoff Bannoff
    IT Consultant
  • "I just 'binge watched' all seven videos of yours on moderating panel discussions. I cannot tell how grateful I am to have come across your site!  Thank you for the excellent inside track on what to do and what not to do!"
    Janine Chung Thompson
  • "Kristin - I promised to email you about how my panel on performance anxiety went at the National Flute Association convention last week.

    It was great! I continued to study your book and the notes I took from our conversation. Your ideas helped me a great deal in making this an exciting, informative panel.  Throughout the rest of the convention, I received a large amount of positive feedback that the panel had been of great benefit to the members in the audience. That was my goal, and I was so happy that we had all achieved it together.

    Thank you again for your generosity and kindness in guiding me regarding this experience."

    Helen Spielman
    Performance Anxiety Coach
  • "I have been to so many bad panels, and been a culprit in putting on more than a few, that I have developed a real aversion to them, but now I have hope that they can be done well! We're talking about requiring our moderators to go through the training you make available on your site, and at the very least we're going to up our game in terms of trying to make sure the moderators are up to doing the job the way it should be done. They're too important not to really spend time training them. We've been playing with different formats in recent years, but I am inspired to try some of the new ideas you gave us. So many takeaways from your your Web site, your book and your training!"

    Sue Pelletier
    Editor/Writer/Blogger - MeetingsNet
  • "Your guidebook, Powerful Panels, is a great reminder of some of the basics.  I read it a few days before moderating the panel - and it's amazing how much better the panel discussion was!"
    Glenn Williamson
    Chairman, Canada Arizona Business Council
  • "Panels. The very word causes most of us to groan as it brings up feelings of dislike and disdain. Kristin Arnold has taken the dry, boring, traditional panel format and infused it with excitement, engagement and anticipation all for the audience’s pleasure. Her book Powerful Panels provides a step by step approach to creating 21st Century panels and is a must read for all who plan meetings, events and education formats."
    Jeff Hurt
    CEO (Chief Epiphany Officer), Empowered Epiphanies

Free Video E-Course

7 videos to help you
prepare for an awesome panel!

Video #1 - How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

Video #2 - The Moderator's Role in a Panel Discussion

Video #3 - How to Begin to Prepare for a Panel Discussion

Video #4 - How to Select Great Panelists for a Panel Discussion

Video #5 - How to Prepare for a Panel Discussion

Video #6 - How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

Video #7 - How to Follow Up After a Panel Discussion

I love your book on Powerful Panels discussions!
Just bought it. It’s highly useful!

Martina Fuchs

 CNN Money Switzerland


Know what to do
and what not to do


You’ve thought it
through and you’re


The audience will
get new insights
and practical

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