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April 6, 2022
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14 Ideas to Keep Your Panel Discussion Script on Stage
April 26, 2022
Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion

Rather than save all the notices and information (aka “housekeeping”) for the end of the panel discussion, why not pepper them throughout the panel?


When you conclude a segment, consider adding an appropriate “ad break” before you move on to the next segment.

Of course, it has to make sense! Fellow panel moderator Penny Haslam, in her new book, Panel Discussions, says, “Obviously, don’t shoehorn in the information if it’s completely irrelevant, but if you feel it works OK then script it on purpose, so you don’t forget:

So, before we turn to our next area for discussion (turn to audience), I just want to make you aware of a really special event that’s taking place next month and that is blah blah. You can get tickets for it on the website and there will be an email sent out to remind you. (Turn to panelists.) Sounds good, doesn’t it? Okay, so let’s move on…”

It’s so easy to do – but you have to plan for it! You may even surprise your event organizer by offering to make these small announcements.

How to Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion

  • List the best way to contact the panelists
  • Promote the panelists’ latest product or service offering (better you do this than their shameless promotion!)
  • Feature an upcoming organizational event or future program
  • Highlight an important person or sponsor
  • Offer additional resources that will be made available to the attendees
  • Encourage a social media moment
  • Describe a related activity your audience may be interested in
  • Make reminders eg. to get your educational credit form

Thanks, Penny for this great tip to pepper announcements in your panel discussion!

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