Panel Moderator Research Tip: Find “Dead Space” in Your Topic
May 10, 2017
How Panel Moderators Can Intervene Firmly and Respectfully
May 31, 2017

So what happens AFTER the panel discussion?  People hover around the panelists wanting to ask their specific question.  What about everyone else?  What if they want to keep talking, but as in most cases, the room needs to be “turned” during the break?

Take a cue from ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference where they set up some bar height tables with mini chalkboards describing topics to be discussed – and then encouraged people to congregate around those topics that are of most interest.  Since ASAE’s theme was on creativity, innovation, and reinvention, they also placed creative “puzzles” and toys on the table to engage the mind!

You can do this too…think about how you want the participants to stay engaged in the conversation immediately after the panel discussion.  You might want to use mini-chalkboards and ask your panelists to go mingle by the chalkboards.  Better yet,  do you have any other ideas to keep them engaged after the panel discussion is over?


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Kristin Arnold, professional panel moderator and high-stakes meeting facilitator, shares her best practices for interactive, interesting, and engaging panel presentations. For more resources like this, or to have Kristin moderate your next panel visit the Powerful Panels official website.

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