keep the audience in mind
Panelists – Don’t Forget to Keep the Audience In Mind
February 9, 2023
Use AI to Craft Your Panel Discussion Questions
Use AI to Craft Your Panel Discussion Questions
February 24, 2023

Hello from the depths of my office where I have my head down working on my new book, The Powerful Panelist. Since ChatGPT has hit the headlines pretty hard, I thought I would use artificial intelligence to write this week’s blog on “biggest panelist faux pas.”


Amazingly enough, here is what ChatGPT answered:

Here are some common panelist faux pas that you should try to avoid in order to be an effective panelist:

  1. Being unprepared: Not taking the time to familiarize yourself with the topic or to review any materials provided in advance can make you appear unprofessional and detract from the overall quality of the panel discussion.
  2. Dominating the discussion: If you tend to talk too much or interrupt others, it can be off-putting to the audience and other panelists. It’s important to allow for a balanced and interactive discussion.
  3. Being negative or confrontational: Avoid being overly negative or confrontational in your comments. This can make the discussion unproductive and can turn off the audience.
  4. Being uninterested: If you seem disinterested or disengaged during the panel discussion, it will be noticeable to the audience and can make the discussion less engaging.
  5. Failing to listen: It’s important to listen carefully to what others are saying and to respond thoughtfully. If you’re not paying attention, you may miss important points or misunderstand what someone else is saying.

See how it looked in real-time here:


By avoiding these common panelist faux pas, you can be an effective and professional panelist who contributes to a successful and engaging panel discussion.

Now that’s pretty darn accurate! Thanks, ChatGPT for being my guest blogger!

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