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January 9, 2024
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4 Instances Where a Moderator Should Contribute Content to the Panel Discussion
January 24, 2024
clipboard for a panel discussion

I always get so many compliments on the clipboard that I use during my panel discussions. Here’s what I do to personalize my clipboard for a panel discussion:

  1. I get a high-quality logo from my client.
  2. I order at least one online at Printify, PrinterStudio, or you can even find a seller on Amazon! Personally, I like to order a leather clipboard from Etsy, but it all depends on your budget. I order one for me, a few for the meeting organizer(s), and just enough for each panelist for them to use during the panel. (Note: Put the logo on the BACK of the clipboard so the audience can see the logo).
  3. I distribute the clipboards on the day of the meeting (so they can use them!) and tell them that they are my gift as a reminder of the great discussion we are about to have!

Simple, easy to do, and won’t break the bank. 🙂

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