Powerful Panels Podcast Guest Preparation

I’m thrilled to have you join me on the Powerful Panels Video Podcast!  (Try saying that title as fast as you can three times!)

The focus of the Powerful Panels Podcast is to inspire panel moderators, panelists, and meeting organizers to create a lively and informative panel discussion at a meeting, conference, or convention.

Our listeners/viewers are looking for inspiration and ideas from you:  ideas, tips, techniques, examples, stories, and whatever else you think they need or want so they can provide real value to their audiences.

Our listeners/viewers really like examples and stories:

“Here’s something different I do…”

“Here’s how I do this…”

“Here’s my best advice/practice…”

“Here’s how I handled a difficult situation…”

“What I don’t do (ever or anymore)…”

Our listeners see themselves in you, your situation, your questions. Please listen to an episode or two prior to our interview to get the concept.  I like to keep the conversation natural and flowing AND try to model effective panel moderator behavior (even though this is an interview, I guess you could call it a panel with one panelist!).   I prefer to keep interviews unscripted and conversational, so I’ll leave it at that unless there are specifics that you’d like to know ahead of time.

Scheduling Details

If you have been invited by Kristin to be on her podcast, please click here to schedule your interview.  If you have NOT been invited, please contact her noting your interest in being on the podcast and specifically, how you can contribute to the conversation.

To ensure that we have everything we need from you for the successful promotion of this episode, please click here to fill out the guest intake form, if you have yet to do so.

Interviews are typically 35-45 minutes and roughly follow this progression – although I reserve the right to shake it up now and again:

  • 3 minutes: greeting and introduction
  • 5 minutes: your experience with panels.  What you like/don’t like about panels
  • 5 minutes: share your best panel experience ever and/or worst
  • 3 minutes: rapid fire – do or do not/agree or disagree
  • 10 minutes: dive into questions, transition points in your process, or areas of expertise
  • 5 minutes: words of wisdom for listeners
  • 2 minute: invitation for listeners (anything you’d like them to do) and signing off

Technical Details

We’ll do the interview over Zoom – the link will be provided in your email invitation.  Please use a computer (not a tablet or phone) and please have Google’s Chrome browser and a web camera installed. The recording platform that I use (Livestream) only works with that browser on non-mobile devices— this is very important. Please take the interview in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. It helps tremulously with audio and video quality. I will be using audio AND video for the podcast and will perform a “frame check” to ensure you look great on camera and that you don’t have anything weird going on behind you.  :-).

If anything comes up, or we get disconnected, I will be in touch via text, so please check there first. And let me know if you have questions about any part of this.

Thank you for coming onto our show!

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