How to be a Panelist in a Panel Discussion More Frequently
How to be a Panelist in a Panel Discussion More Frequently
July 12, 2023
stale panel discussion topic
What to Do With a Stale Topic in a Panel Discussion
August 3, 2023
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It does not happen too often, but you could be the last in line to speak after the other panelists have detailed all of your prepared points. Yes, it is a bit disappointing, but do not despair. Even though your main points have been covered, you still have your own unique examples and a memorable headline to share.


Rather than reiterating what has already been said, try these sentence starters to expand the conversation and provide more insight into the topic:

  • “To build on the great example given by Ravi, I’d like to offer an example of my own….”
  • “It appears Ravi and I are on the same wavelength. I’d also like to add to it with some evidence based on my own research….”
  • “That’s a great point, Ravi. Your insights echo my own experience and remind me of a story that….”
  • “I agree with Ravi, and there is another strategy that has been vital to our success…”
  • “Ravi is right on the money. Now let’s dive into how we can actually do that. In my experience…”
  • “That’s a great idea, Ravi. If anyone in the audience is looking to implement that idea, here’s a best practice (or tip) on how to do that.”
  • “That’s such a great point, Ravi, and here’s why that is so important for this audience to understand.”
  • “We did the same thing as you, Ravi, but for different reasons…”

If you think about it, you will ALWAYS have something to add to the conversation based on your own unique perspective.

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