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September 8, 2021
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September 29, 2021

Especially with the digital disruption and rapid adoption of technology during this COVID world, there are more and more panel discussions about digital transformation.

So here are my top 30 potential panel discussion questions on digital transformation. You will not ask them all, but perhaps they might provide some inspiration as you develop your own list.

Panel discussion questions on digital transformation
Generally speaking, I like to follow this flow to sequence the questions from strategic to tactical:

Digital Transformation Questions

  1. What exactly is digital transformation? How do you define it?
  2. What does digital transformation really mean for today’s business leaders?
  3. What is currently driving digital transformation? 
  4. What will be driving digital transformation?
  5. What are the digital trends and business imperatives for the industry?


  1. What are the opportunities presented by digital transformation?
  2. What are the benefits to society with digital transformation?
  3. What success/outcomes has your organization realized from digital transformation?
  4. How has digital transformation impacted your company?
  5. How does digital transformation impact those who are non-technical leaders/managers?
  6. What are the long-term consequences if we ignore digital transformation?

Panel Discussion Questions on Digital Transformation that Beg for Specifics

  1. Where should businesses start with digital transformation?
  2. How are enterprises successfully navigating their journey to digital reinvention?
  3. What are the key digital transformation strategies and success factors for companies deploying digital solutions?
  4. What successful digital technologies, initiatives or best practices has your organization created?
  5. From your experience, can you share some examples of what digital transformation means in practice?
  6. What is the culture needed for digital transformation?
  7. What is the most difficult part of digital transformation?
  8. Where have you experienced the most resistance? How did you and your team respond?
  9. What are the skills and talents required to complete digital transformation projects?
  10. How can individual managers and leaders develop new and existing talent in this digital world?
  11. How do we ensure that end-users get better products and services and better customer experiences from digital transformation?
  12. What are the challenges in implementing digital transformation in businesses?
  13. What are the barriers that usually block the path to transformation?
  14. What is the role of “the cloud” in digital transformation?

Questions about Application to the Audience

  1. What is your biggest piece of advice for getting started with digital transformation?
  2. How do we get the entire company on board with digital transformation initiatives?
  3. What advice do you have for those who want to begin their digital transformation?
  4. How can digital transformation be a priority for organizations that have other big issues to deal with?

A big thank you to Corndel and Econsultancy for their inspiration in building this fabulous list of panel discussion questions on digital transformation!

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