How to Moderate an Impromptu Panel – with No Preparation!
October 27, 2016
Beware of Celebrity Panel Discussion Moderators
November 10, 2016

Since I routinely troll the internet for examples of panel discussions, my Google Alert sent me an article this morning: Crowdfunding Experts Spill Their Secrets For a Successful Campaign.  The article then explained what the panel was all about.

That title got my attention!  Panelists spilled their secrets…shared something new…something the audience hasn’t heard before.  I’ve referred to this as the “Wizard of Oz Moment” where audiences want to get a peek behind the curtain.  See how it’s really done.  Get the insider scoop.

What was particularly intriguing about this particular panel is that the panel moderator asked the panelists to lay out a “strategic timeline for the most critical period of any [crowdfunding] campaign hoping to gain traction.”  In essence, they were creating a roadmap for the audience to use.  The moderator, Ryan Foland, even drew a map and shared it on Twitter.

Now that’s a Wizard of Oz moment!


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