Panel Moderation Technique: The Audience as the Fourth Panelist

How to Structure a Panel Discussion
How To Structure a Panel Discussion
May 26, 2021
Panel Discussion Questions
17 Different Types of Panel Discussion Questions
June 9, 2021
Panel Discussion Questions

During a recent interview with Sarah Michel, VP of Connexity at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, she mentioned a technique she uses when moderating a panel discussion: The Audience as the Fourth Panelist.

She said, “Make the audience your fourth panelist so you don’t forget about them! You need to be asking them [the audience] a question, just like you asked the other three panelists. After all, without an audience, there is no panel!”

What a brilliant technique to use when planning the format and when moderating a panel discussion. Think about how you are going to engage the audience along with the panelists. Thanks, Sarah!

For a full podcast with Sarah Michel on what makes panel discussions extraordinary at conferences, watch this:

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