A Rapid-Fire Poll Revs Up a Panel Discussion
July 10, 2018
Reasons to be a Panel Moderator
9 Reasons to Be a Panel Moderator
July 24, 2018

Was just talking to a panelist about his recent experience in sharing his insights during a panel discussion.  One of his comments made me cringe:

“In preparation, the moderator asked for a 50-word introduction and a recent headshot – and didn’t even use them!  Where she got that old photo, I just don’t know.”

Why would the panel moderator not use the information requested and then provided?  I don’t get it.

When he looked at the initial slide with all the panelists’ photos, he saw an old photo – not the one he had sent.  As she welcomed the panelists to the stage, she didn’t use his carefully crafted introduction.  And so his expectations on how this was all going to roll out decreased dramatically.

So here’s what really happened: Within the first few minutes, the moderator had subliminally signaled the irrelevance of any of the pre-work done, what was said in preparation and any plans for what should happen during that panel.

Did it affect the trust factor between the panelists and the panel moderator?  You bet!  Did it affect the dialogue between the panelists?  You bet!

Lesson learned:

DO NOT bother your panelists for information unless you are going to use it during the panel discussion!


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