Professional panel moderator, Kristin Arnold interviews Dr. Diane Hamilton, nationally syndicated radio host, master interviewer, Speaker, and Author about her panel moderation strategies.

Video Transcript

Kristin: Diane, how do you know whether to probe for a deeper response versus just moving on to the next question?

Diane: Well, you can feel discomfort if you ask the question that you know, they don’t know the answer to and if that happens it’s always better to make you look bad than them look bad. I think I’m very much self-deprecating type, you know, to go that direction because I think it makes people much more at ease.

So you know, if I’d asked you something about a topic and I can just tell you, you don’t really have the answer, I don’t want to, you know, that’s such a tough thing and I, you know, and I’ll go onto something else to not give them too much dead air there because I don’t want to put them in a bad spot where they have to say I don’t know or come up with something that they don’t know. 


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Kristin Arnold, professional panel moderator, and high stakes meeting facilitator is on a crusade to make all panel discussions informative, interactive, and interesting.   Specifically, she wants to help YOU become a better panel moderator.  Why?  Because 95% of annual meetings have panel discussions – and according to the 2014 Panel Report, it’s a fifty-fifty proposition they are any good at all!  Expectations decrease dramatically when your attendees walk in and see the traditional draped head-table with microphones on short stands.  There are sooooo many other ways to have a stimulating conversation!  So let’s increase the probability of success for your next panel discussion with these resources.

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