Powerful Panelist

Everything You Need to Know to be Comfortable and Confident in a Panel Discussion

Are you ready to step into the spotlight as a standout panelist? Dive into the wisdom of The Powerful Panelist, a concise yet comprehensive 78-page guide that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to not only prepare for a panel discussion but to shine as a vital part of a dynamic and informative conversation.

Kristin Arnold, a renowned national speaker, master facilitator, and panel expert, unveils her secrets to becoming an extraordinary contributor in panel discussions:

  • The Invitation: When you should say “yes” to the invite and the role you are expected to play.
  • The Preparation: Master the art of preparation and how to rehearse and refine your contributions.
  • Answering Questions: Strategies for answering moderator-curated questions and questions from the audience.
  • Answering Awkward Questions: Tackle even the most awkward inquiries with finesse.
  • Engaging Conversations:Tips to participate in an active and lively conversation and esnure your valuable insights are heard in a discussion.
  • Continuing the Conversation: What to do when the panel is over and leveraging your participation.
  • Biggest Mistakes and Best Practices: Discover what to do and what not to do!

Unlock the secrets to becoming a standout panelist with The Powerful Panelist. Secure your copy of The Powerful Panelist today, and embark on a journey to become a distinguished contributor in panel discussions. Your audience will recognize your brilliance, and you’ll provide exceptional value every time you step onto the panel.

and get these BONUS Gifts with purchase!

  • Panelist Prep Worksheet to use with the meeting organizer and/or panel moderator to make sure you cover all the questions you need to ask during the first call.
  • Panelist Planning Worksheet to help you organize your thoughts, key messages, and memorable headlines.
  • Panelist Countdown Checklist to help you be prepared for your panel discussion.
  • Panelist Do’s & Don’ts Tip Sheet. A reminder on what to do…and what not to do during the panel session.
  • Photo Opportunities Checklist to give your friends or event photographer – to get GREAT photos & video!

About The Author

Kristin Arnold MBA, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, CPF | Master, is passionate about making all panel discussions more engaging, interactive and collaborative. She has surveyed and studied what makes panel discussions absolutely fabulous – or not.

Since 1993, Kristin is the founder and President of Quality Process Consultants, a boutique consulting firm specializing in galvanizing leaders and their teams to think things through, make better collaborative decisions to achieve sustainable results.

She’s a high stakes meeting facilitator, trainer, keynote speaker and panel moderator, known for her concrete approaches and practical concepts, tools and techniques her clients can apply immediately to see positive, substantive results.

Kristin was one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy and the first woman stationed onboard the USCGC Buttonwood, a seagoing buoy tender.

She parlayed her understanding of teams and teamwork with an MBA in Marketing Strategy into a specialized management consulting firm focused on building extraordinary teams in the workplace.

She is an award-winning author and Past President of the US National Speakers Association. She divides her time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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