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February 11, 2016
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February 24, 2016

I was chatting with Dutch Driver, a colleague from the early days of facilitation (we actually used a listserv to communicate!), about the power of asking a thought-provoking question during a panel discussion.  It’s really the Socratic Method at it’s best!

Evidently, he has been curating a list of questions and is willing to share them with you.  You may find some you can use during your next panel discussion (or conversation) – and please add your best questions in the comments below!

Questions of Clarification

  • What do you mean by XXX?
  • What is your main point?
  • How does XXX relate to AAA?
  • How can you phrase that differently?
  • What do you think is the main issue here?
  • Is your basic point XXX or AAA?
  • What is an example of this?
  • Would this be an example: XXX?
  • How might you explain this further?
  • What makes you say that?
  • Let me see if I understand; do you mean XXX or AAA?
  • How might this relate to our discussion/problem/issue/question?
  • What do you think John meant by his remark? Or What did you take John to mean?
  • Jane, would you summarize in your own words what John has said? John, is that what you meant?

Questions that Probe Purpose

  • What is the purpose of XXX?
  • What was your purpose when you said XXX?
  • How do the purposes of these two people vary?
  • How do the purpose of these two groups vary?
  • What is the purpose of the main character in this story?
  • Was this purpose justifiable?
  • Was the purpose addressing the question at this time?

Questions that Probe Assumptions

  • What are you assuming here?
  • What is John assuming?
  • What assumptions could we use instead?
  • You seem to be assuming XXX. Do I understand you correctly?
  • All of your reasoning depends on the idea that XXX. Why have you based your reasoning on XXX rather than AAA?
  • You seem to be assuming XXX. How do you justify taking this for granted?
  • Is this always the case? What are the exceptions? How do you justify that these assumptions hold here?

Keep these questions in your “back pocket” – just in case you need them at your next panel discussion!

To learn more steps to successfully moderate a panel discussion like a pro, try this user-friendly guide.

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