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April 26, 2022
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Ways to Promote Your Product or Service at a Panel Discussion

A panelist recently asked me, “How do I promote a product at a panel discussion without being too sales-y or pushy?”


Good question, as one of the reasons you want to be on a panel discussion is for visibility, but you don’t want to offend, now do you?

It’s a tough situation, but not uncommon at all. The best thing for you to do is to connect with the panel moderator and share your goal of visibility for your book – or any other product or service you think the audience might be interested in.

As you are sharing your goal(s), also provide a few ideas about what the panel moderator can do to bring your offering to the audience’s attention.

(Note: I am going to be referencing the book, but change “book” out for whatever product or service you want to highlight…)

7 Ways to Promote a Product at a Panel Discussion

  1. Offer to send an advance copy of the book to the panel moderator – they may actually read it and comment about it spontaneously!
  2. While introducing you, the panel moderator can weave in the fact that you are the author of a new book – and maybe even hold up the book for all to see!
  3. During the panel discussion, the panel moderator can mention a quote from the book and ask you to comment on it.
  4. During the closing comments, the panel moderator can share where to find more information about you, your new book, or get in touch with you.
  5. You can get in touch with the other panelists and send them an advance copy of the book. They may also read it and comment about it!
  6. Bring a copy of the book and put it on the table – but only with permission from the panel moderator and meeting organizer. There may be some policies that prohibit this kind of display.
  7. In the virtual world, create a virtual background with the book in the corner.

One final tip – create a short URL and/or QR code for the audience to find out more information easily.

What are some other creative ways to promote your product or service at a panel discussion? I would love to hear what you have seen or tried during conferences, conventions, and meetings.

And thanks to Erin Albert for promoting my book in the photo

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