June 4, 2024
when a panelist cannot answer your question

When a Panelist Cannot Answer Your Question

Unfortunately, this scenario can happen to a panel moderator: You ask a probing or challenging question to a panelist and …. they got nothin’. They stare […]
May 22, 2024
Panelist is Missing

What To Do When a Panelist is Missing

One of your panelists is missing. The panel is about to start and either they never showed up to the venue or they are now missing […]
April 30, 2024

How to Moderate the Verbal Grenade on a Panel Discussion

I was recently asked what to do when a panelist’s opening comment is a volatile hypothesis – that they hadn’t talked about during the planning session. […]
February 29, 2024
too many panelists

What to do When You Have Too Many Panelists

The optimal number of panelists for a panel discussion is 3-4. Beyond that, “you have a party, not a panel!” (Thanks to Sarah Michel for sharing […]
February 22, 2024
powerful words to use in a panel discussion

The 3 Most Powerful Words to Use in a Panel Discussion

I was chatting with my colleague, Don Yaeger about panel discussions and he asked me, “Do you know the three most powerful words to use in […]
September 19, 2023
Panel Discussion Recovery Lines

Panel Discussion Recovery Lines: What to do When the Unexpected Occurs

After you have moderated panel discussions for a while, you realize it is simply a matter of time before some “incident” will occur in the middle […]
July 4, 2023
panel discussion format

The Hypothetical Panel Discussion Format

Ed Bernacki, Founder of The Idea Factory, shared this unique panel format he calls The Hypothetical Panel Discussion Format. Here is his explanation of the format […]
June 19, 2023
Moderate a Panel Confidently

Moderate a Panel Confidently: 9 Tips to Quit Being in Your Head

I was coaching a new panel moderator through an important panel discussion and I commented that she was “being in your head” a bit much. That […]
June 8, 2023
panel format

The He Said, She Said Panel Format

Note to Reader: This format can be done with any two opposing voices: Sales Said, Marketing Said; Management Said, Employees Said; Producers Said, Customers Said. Please […]
July 13, 2022
disagreement in a panel discussion

Disagreement in a Panel Discussion

Disagreement in a panel discussion can be crucial for robust conversation, so it’s important to learn how to recognize it, analyze it and make strategic moments […]
June 6, 2022
Favoritism During a Panel Discussion

Favoritism During a Panel Discussion

I could have screamed at a panel moderator who was clearly fawning over a famous panelist, “Stop showing favoritism during a panel discussion!” But that would […]
April 20, 2022
Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion

Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion

Rather than save all the notices and information (aka “housekeeping”) for the end of the panel discussion, why not pepper them throughout the panel? When you […]
April 6, 2022
The Audience and Panel Discussions

Is the Panel Discussion All About the Audience?

I had this comment about the audience and panel discussions on my YouTube 7-part video series: “This is the problem with moderators. ‘its all about the […]
March 10, 2022

A Simple Hack to Make Your Panel Discussion More Interesting

Everyone loves to hear their name – especially during a panel discussion. It makes them feel special. Why? Because hearing your name literally causes a chemical […]
January 7, 2021

Soft Launch Celebration: 123 Ways to Add Pizazz to a Panel Discussion

TODAY marks the soft launch of my new book, 123 Ways to Add Pizazz to a Panel Discussion! The paperback book and the pdf Ebook are now available with […]
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