Goodie Bag Panel Discussion Format
The Goodie Bag Panel Discussion Format
March 30, 2022
Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion
Pepper Announcements in Your Panel Discussion
April 20, 2022
The Audience and Panel Discussions
I had this comment about the audience and panel discussions on my YouTube 7-part video series: “This is the problem with moderators. ‘its all about the audience’ the audience is stupid. It should be all about nailing down facts, and exposing lies and logical fallacies.” [sic]

I instantaneously fired back “Well, I suppose that is one way of looking at it. However, if your audience doesn’t care about the facts, the lies and/or fallacies, then it’s falling on deaf ears. Nothing will change, so why bother having a panel at all?”
The Audience and Panel Discussions

Of course, I didn’t get a response, but it got me thinking….

The problem IS with the moderator if he or she isn’t clued into what the audience cares about. Perhaps the audience IS “stupid” (or ignorant) but that is not a problem – unless the moderator ignores them.

The panel discussion is for the audience and should inform them of the “facts” or persuade them to take action.

One of my favorite books about presentations is Nick Morgan’s Give Your Speech, Change the World – and I believe the same holds true with panel discussions. What is it that you want the audience to do with those facts, lies, and fallacies? A great panel moderator will structure the panel to help the audience understand. Otherwise, why bother having a panel discussion if nothing changes at all?


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