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November 29, 2013
How to Make Your Panelists Shine!
February 5, 2014

As I  started researching the universe of panel discussions for my book, Powerful Panels, I did what any red-blooded American (or Swede) would do.  I Googled it and found 34 million entries.

No, I did NOT look at every one; however, I did look at ALOT of them and thought I would save you some time.  Here is a list of the top ten blog postings or web pages about moderating panels as of January 2014:

  1. 13 Guidelines for Great Panel Discussions by Scott Kirsner. (He also wrote the often-cited How to Moderate a Panel Like a Pro for Harvard Business Review)
  2. 7 Tips on How to Make Your Conference Panels Rock by Scott Stratten (read the comments too!)
  3. How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide by Jeremiah Owyang
  4. How to Moderate a Panel by Guy Kawasaki
  5. Moderate with Moderation: 10 Steps to Running an Effective Panel Discussion by Angela DeFinis
  6. Why Panels Suck (And How To Fix Them) by Scott Burkun
  7. Everything in Moderation. 6 Tips for Managing Panel Discussions. by Claire Duffy (with video clips too!)
  8. Ten Tips on Moderating a Panel Discussion by Ian Griffin
  9. How to Moderate a Panel by Steven Robbins
  10. Moderators Skip the Well-Worn Path with 14 Creative Themes and Questions by Denise Graveline

Yikes!  I’m sorry…. I just couldn’t narrow the list down to ten, so how ’bout the top 16?  BTW….the rankings don’t really mean anything.  They are ALL good – for different reasons.  So keep on reading!

  1. Five Tips on Moderating a Panel by Tom Webster
  2. When You Are a Panel Moderator by Christine Clapp
  3. 12 Tips to Moderate an Amazing Panel Discussion by Rohit Bhargava
  4. How to Be a Rock Star Moderator (it’s a slideshow and not a page) by Jeff Hurt
  5. Moderating Panels (specifically at book events) by Mary H.
  6. How to Be a Great Panel Moderator by Ted Carstensen
  7. How Not to Suck Being a a Conference Moderator or Speaker by Lee Oden

Of course, you don’t want to miss my free online video training, either. Make sure to check it out. I hope this all helps you as you prepare to moderate a lively and informative panel discussion!



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